Hottest Tennis Players – Top 10

How many sexy tennis players do you know of? Sure, men who play tennis are hot, but have you checked out the women? This is a sport with some of the sexiest female players. The reason why there is list of sexy tennis players is because these women are not only beautiful, but they somehow manage to amplify their beauty with their game and the effort they put in.

For their audience, it isn’t that important if they don’t win trophies or make the top of the list, they keep them entertained and alive during each match and that matters most. Of course, each of the sexy tennis players gives tries hard to give their best during the match, which makes the audience love them even more. There is nothing better than a tight game with beautiful women. We are talking about tennis so it doesn’t get any better than that.
However, some of the sexy tennis players are really good and they ARE near the top of the list, which makes them stand out more. Some of them are that sexy that they get a contract to do a photo-shoot for a lingerie house or a cosmetics house.

But it doesn’t matter if they are that good on the court and their game is almost perfect – sexy tennis players attract attention and keep the minds of their audience occupied with the game. They are a perfect blend between beauty and sports. So if you’re a big tennis fan, check out our list and find out who is the next among the sexy tennis players you want to see play.

10. Eugenie Bouchard

This is a new face on the scene. As far as sexy tennis players go, this young Canadian girl just made the top ten female players list and is at the beginning of ours. Eugenie Bouchard was born February 25, 1994. She is a beautiful young lady with a lot of potential. Even though her game may appear reckless, her spontaneity gives her a unique playing style. She is quick on hitting the ball aggressively leaving no time for her opponent to anticipate her next move.

She didn’t make the top ten best female players list for no reason. Her tempo on the court can be hardly matched because of the unpredictable ball direction changes. Even though she is still young, her game is improving and other, more experienced, players are already having troubles seeing through her game.
Coca-Cola, Nike and Babolat endorsement followed right after she made the top ten list. Before she made the list, she won her first WTA title. She is definitely one of the most sexy tennis players out there. Don’t let her innocent looks of a sweet blonde fool you. She is a fierce opponent and she will not go down easily on the court.

Sexy Tennis Players Eugenie Bouchard

Sexy Tennis Players – Eugenie Bouchard

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