Yoga Positions

So you thought yoga and yoga positions were only for women? Well, you were wrong. Yoga positions do plenty of good things for both men and women. It will not only help you strengthen your body, muscles and core, but it will also improve your overall posture and prevent any possible training injuries. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to perform demanding yoga positions? Read the article and find out!

1. Mountain (Tadasana)

What it does: For most yoga positions, you need to have proper knowledge of effective yoga positions. Tadasana is a pose which sets a foundation for all other future standing poses. It will strengthen your thighs and core and improve your posture.

How to do it: With your feet pointing forward and heels slightly apart, your big toes should touch. Distribute your weight evenly and raise your arches. Slowly start to raise your kneecaps but try to avoid locking them.

How to get better: As you inhale, slowly stretch your head towards the ceiling so you could lengthen your spine. Your shoulder blades should draw down your back. You need to keep your shoulder relax while performing this pose.

Yoga Positions Mountain

Yoga Positions – Mountain

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