Weight Loss Programs – 7 Day Workout

Whatever weight loss programs you want to use, you’ll certainly want to see progress. Who wouldn’t want to see their stomach shrink several inches in just a week? After reviewing several sites and their weight loss programs, we summarized the essentials. Combining the following exercises with a proper diet, you will shrink you belly in no time. With a simple change in your workout program, those inches of fat will burn right off. That simple change means introducing Pilates-based exercises to you weight loss programs. Check out the list of exercises below and see if you can fit them in with your weight loss programs. You should definitely try it is not that hard.

Calorie-Crusher Circuit

You need to be able to do exercises in a proper way. So before you really get into it, you need to get the hang of it. Calorie-crusher circuit needs to be done three times a week. You need to do the exercise without any rest, back to back. For those who are just starting, one circuit will do just fine – build up as you get the hang of it. Using a lighter kettlebell to do your circuits, and if you don’t have one use a dumbbell. This exercise can be included into all weight loss programs.

Turkish Get-Down

The goal of this exercise is to work on your legs, butt, abs, arms, chest, back or shoulders
– Assume the following position for all exercise
• With your feet set apart at hip width, put the kettlebell in your right hand and your right hand overhead. Your arms needs to be straight and your palm pointing upwards.
• Holding your arm in air during the exercise slowly put your body down on the ground with you left leg lunging back. After that place the left hand behind you on the ground.
• Throughout the exercise, your right hand needs to stay in air. Your upper body, left and right arm and lower hips need to move towards ground.
• After you perform the exercise, reverse and move back to the initial position, and then perform a lunge back with your left leg. Move back to the initial position and lunge back with the opposite leg.
• You must do 10 lunges, alternating your legs. You can also switch arms with the kettlebell and repeat the exercises.

Turkish Get Down Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs – Turkish Get Down

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