Toothache Remedies – Top 11

Did you know that there are natural toothache remedies? Many people are afraid of going to the dentist’s, but most of them don’t know that natural toothache remedies even exist. Most of us don’t take enough care of our teeth until it’s too late. We don’t even go to the dentist’s office until a cavity forms and causes a lot of pain. Fillings can also cause a lot of pain if they come loose. You can get an abscess, a sinus condition or a cracked tooth… This list of toothache remedies will help you deal with some of the potential problems.

1. Clove oil

There are plenty of natural anesthetics and clove oil is one of them. It serves instead of the anesthetic and it numbs your nerves. Eugenol, the primary chemical compound, should not be used lightly. It can actually make the pain worse if you pour some on your gums by mistake. Your gums are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, even though they don’t appear as such. What you should do is put two drops on a cotton ball or use cotton swabs. Gently press it against the aching part of your tooth and the pain will eventually go away. If you have a whole clove (or powdered clove) place it on you tooth. Bite down on the clove and chew gently until clove oil is released. The pain will subside in about half an hour. If it doesn’t continue chewing until it does.

Toothache Remedies Clove Oil

Toothache Remedies – Clove Oil

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