Protein Rich Foods – Top 10

Your body needs a certain amount of protein rich foods every day. Which means, you need at least 2-3 protein servings every day to maintain the protein balance. Protein keeps your body strong and it is healthy for you. This list of protein rich foods will give you meatless foods which are rich in protein. You will be surprised with some foods on this list.

Protein rich foods

For those who want to avoid meat and perhaps totally focus on a vegetarian diet, don’t fret – there are plenty of vegetarian protein rich foods. This applies even if you don’t want to give up on meat but keep getting enough protein. Protein is really vital for your body and it will keep it strong. It also fights the potential diseases of your body might come across. If you’re training, a protein diet will help you achieve your goals. The average dose of protein men need every day is 56 grams, while women need a lesser dose of 46 grams. Protein rich foods will help you get to the amount of protein your body needs every day.

1. Eggs

If you’re not a big fan of having eggs in the morning you should start to consider having them. Having eggs in the morning will give you enough energy to get your day going. There are plenty of ways you can have eggs, such as sunny side up, hard boiled, poached or scrambled. Eggs are certainly among the protein rich foods, because each egg contains 6 grams of protein per egg.

Protein Rich Foods Eggs

Protein Rich Foods – Eggs

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