Low Calorie Foods – 13 Foods

For those who doubted, it can be done. Low calorie foods can help you get through the day and help you lose weight. So go through this article and check how you feel comfortable about trying some of these low calorie foods.

1. Fish Sandwich

Perhaps you’re one of those people who enjoy eating a juicy burger every once in a while. But what do you think about a meal which goes under low calorie foods yet it’s just as delicious as the burger you usually have – a 277 calorie burger alternative with only 4 grams of fat. Imagine having a six-ounce cod fillet with a wonderful mixture of herbs and spices – you use a mixture of parsley, cayenne pepper, garlic and breadcrumbs before you grill the cod filler for five minutes at a medium heat. Just put some lettuce on a bun, perhaps a slice of tomato with some yoghurt and you’re done. Low calorie foods are out there, you just have to look for them!
Low Calorie Foods Fish Sandwich

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