Hair Growth – 5 Best Vitamins

Hair growth is not something you can think of lightly. Hair needs constant nurturing and if you don’t take care of it you will probably end up having bad and short hair. And how many women out there have gotten poor haircuts and they’re left dealing with the consequences? Perhaps your hair wasn’t cut properly or it simply won’t grow longer than the length you cut it.

But if you use certain vitamins, you can not only make your hair look shiny and healthy, but the vitamins will make it grow longer. There are nutrients such as B complex, biotin, zinc etc., which help your hair and make it healthier. And most women know that they can get the necessary vitamins with food they already have. Check out the list of vitamins which help hair growth and they are easy to find – right in your kitchen.

Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamin D
Sun definitely helps hair growth because vitamin D not only makes it look shiny, but it also activates cells located within the hair and stimulates hair follicles. This means more sun more hair growth. The sun also helps balance the minerals in your body, as well as levels of zinc. But if those aren’t getting enough nutrients your hair will start to get thinner and you will probably end up with a flaky scalp. So if you want to take care of hair growth better, get enough sunlight and use the food you have in your kitchen. For those who didn’t know, mushrooms, grains and salmon are great sources of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Helps Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Growth – Vitamin D

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