Corns on Feet – How to Remove Corns

1. Corns on feet or calluses?

You often get corns on feet (or calluses) and you don’t really know how it happened. You might think that you’re taking care of your feet properly, but you should read the article and make sure that you’re doing the right thing. Corns on feet are often found in particular areas such as fingers or dorsal surface of toes. Those are all points of friction and pressure.

Corns on feet are thick, upraised areas that are usually cone shaped or circular. You can also notice that corns on feet are often swollen and red. Calluses are flattened areas of dead skin.

You will often find calluses and corns in areas such as:
• Ball of the foot
• Sole of the foot
• Between the toes (where they usually rub against each other)
• On the outer side of your pinkie (where it rubs against your shoe)

You can always take care of corns on feet (and calluses) by using home remedies, but at certain time a surgical intervention might be needed. In any case, it is better to prevent corns on feet (and calluses) using simple methods mentioned in the rest of the article.

How To Remove Corns Corns On Feet Or Calluses

How To Remove Corns – Corns On Feet Or Calluses

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