Cancer Fighting Foods –Top 6

Yes, it is true! Cancer fighting foods are a real thing! You can actually use the foods you have in your fridge to cure cancer. For those who haven’t done any research of this kind earlier, fruits and vegetables have an abundance of nutrients which fight cancer cells. Plant based diets are really good for your health because of their compounds and phytonutrients. So, how do you consume cancer fighting foods? What you need to do is have an intake of fruits and vegetables of all sorts up to nine times a day (and at least five times a day).

1. Broccoli

Among the cancer fighting foods such as kale, cabbage, cauliflower etc. have an abundance of nutrients which successfully battle cancer. But broccoli has one nutrient which others don’t and that is sulphuraphane. Sulphuraphane clears the chemicals which cause cancer and has a compound which boosts the protective enzymes of your body. A study performed on mice by the University of Michigan discovered that sulfurphane attacks cancer stem cells. Those cells aid tumor growth which is bad for your health.
Broccoli also helps fight: bladder, stomach, skin, prostate, lung, liver and breast cancers

Your Rx: Try to add broccoli to every meal you have. The more the broccoli, the lesser the chance of getting a cancer.

Cancer Fighting Foods Brocolli

Cancer Fighting Foods – Brocolli

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