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Even though holidays might be over, some women out there may be searching for best dresses which would suit the right occasion (the occasion might not happen until New Year’s Eve, but hey, we are here to consult not judge). In the following lines you will find some of the last minute tips, which will hopefully help you in your search for dresses.

The items found on this list will shorten the time needed for shopping of best dresses. The tactic is simple. Find the best dress which suits the shape of your body. So, we’ve picked some celebrities with different types of bodies just to give you a visual representation. Your task is quite simple.

Read the article, check out the celebrity ‘attached’ and if you find your body similar to theirs, do a bit of research and voila. You will have a perfect dress in no time. If they can make a perfect combination, so can you! Let’s star our little quest hunt for best dresses.

10. Busty

Busty women can’t go shopping for unique best dresses just out of the blue. Sure they may be lucky to have a nice bosom, but when they need to go shopping the joy often turns into a nightmare. We’re sure women are familiar with these issues, and many would love to share their ‘joyful’ experiences of shopping.
If you want to compare the shape of your body in combination with big boobs, check out the beautiful combination of best dresses Kat Dennings has. As far the general approach for busty women, a silhouette dress with an accent on your waist would be just fine. If you can’t find one, there is always a neat trick you can do – put a belt around your waist and make your dress a bit tighter. The belt should go just a little bit under your bosom. V-neck is the right shape, because you don’t want to attract too many looks with an amazing cleavage. Be modest.

Best Dresses Busty

Best Dresses – Busty

Best Dresses Selma Hayek

Best Dresses – Salma Hayek

Best Dresses Black Dress

Best Dresses – Black Dress

Best Dresses Blues Dress

Best Dresses – Blues Dress

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