Kim Kardashian Workout

For those who didn’t know, Kim Kardashian workout program is quite popular on the internet. The reason why is quite simple – her curves. Many women want to have those curves, so they follow Kim Kardashian workout program along with her diet. She also gets plenty of support from her trainer, for whom she says is a constant reminder that being fit needs plenty of work.

Kim works out not once, but twice a day, which is more than most of us do. She also works out with her brother and because of that they share the same workout program.

Take a look at her schedule and check if you have what it takes to tackle Kim Kardashian’s workout program.

1. Morning Workout

• Kim starts her morning with a medium-paced run on the treadmill;
• After she warms up, she does cardio exercises;
• For an efficient fat loss process and toning of her muscles, Kim switches cardio intervals with several exercises – lower body, upper body and abs exercises.

Kim Kardashian Workout Morning Workout

Kim Kardashian Workout – Morning Workout

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