How to Do Makeup – 10 Makeup Tricks

How many times did you wish you had a how to do makeup guide? When you get up early in the morning and you just can’t get your makeup done properly? You don’t want to walk around looking like you just did three months on Jersey Shore, do you? What you need are proper tools and products. This list of makeup tricks will teach you the basics of putting on makeup. The tricks are pretty simple – better products mean improving your overall look; proper tools mean improving the way you put on makeup. In overall, this list will help you improve your techniques.

1. Let’s start with the brushes. These brushes are the basic brushes every woman should use when applying makeup.

1. Foundation brush
2. Concealer brush
3. Fluffy powder brush
4. Blush brush
5. Small blending brush
6. Flat eye-shadow brush
7. Precision angle brush
8. Lip brush

Once you get what you need, applying makeup will prove to be an easy task. Did you know that you need to know how to hold the brush? When you hold the brush close to the barrel you apply more pressure. The farther you put your fingers (from the barrel) the less pressure you apply. So what you need to do is hold your finger around the center of the brush handle.

How To Do Makeup Buy Plenty Of Brushes

How To Do Makeup – Buy Proper Brushes

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